Techniques with Mac

Spend the day with Mac and learn his many techniques.

Nov 11th - Curved Piecing Techniques : Gentle Curves and The Swoop. Ever wonder how people sew curved pieces of fabric together resulting in larger pieces of flat fabric? Come to this class and find out how to create your own flat, machine-pieced fabric.

Nov 25th - Straight Piecing Techniques : Floating Islands, Ladders, and Sawtooth (Dogtooth) pieces. Add a dash of scrappy appeal, unusual shapes, and jagged edges to your quilts.

Dec 9th - Making Blocks : an impromptu-style technique using curved piecing. Traditinal quilt blocks are made from measured pieces and sewn into precise squares. In this class your eye, your hand-to-rotary cutter on fabric, and your imagination are your tools. Diminution, aggrandizement, asymmetry, and derring-do will guide you in creating blocks closely based on the traditional.

Dec 16th -
Magic Square : Straight ruler piecing, this is an intriguing useful square based on an age-old pattern.

Dec 23rd - Stars and Houses : Make your own free-form houses and starts. Using impromptu talent, a rotary cutter, and sewing machines we'll be making our own versions.

Dec 30th - Hearts! : Between Holidays - what better time than to get ready for Valentine's Day! This will be a day dedicated to heart-making only. My version - no template (unless you'd like one)
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Mike "Mac" McNamara

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Techniques with Mac

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