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Free Tibet Quilt Jigsaw Puzzle for Adult (1000 Pieces)

Free Tibet Quilt Jigsaw Puzzle for Adult (1000 Pieces) by Meri Henriques Hall [C&T]

Put it all together!

Enjoy a fun and creative 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle featuring the gorgeous “Free Tibet Quilt” from Meri Henriques Vahl. This colorful and detailed statement piece is perfect for quilters, puzzle lovers, and anyone looking to challenge themselves. Take a break from a difficult project or clear your mind with 1,000 pieces of quilting-themed relaxation.
  • Challenge yourself to a visually stunning puzzle experience with 1,000 unique pieces (Dimensions: 29.5" x 19.5")
  • Surprise the crafters, puzzle lovers and quilting enthusiasts in your life with an exciting gift
  • Piece the exquisite “Free Tibet Quilt” winner of the Mancuso Brothers 2015 Best Quilts in the World contest and named Best Quilt in the World 2015
  • A portion of the proceeds will be donated to

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