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Beauty In the Bark

Beauty In the Bark by Scott Hansen [Blue Nickel Studios]

Finished size: 59 1/2" x 60"

Here are a few words about the quilt from Scott:

I have very romantic ideas about birch trees. They always seem to remind me of late summer evenings and being in love. The contrasting lights and darks always strike me as dramatic; somewhat like young love. This romantic notion isn’t limited to the elegant birch tree though, there is Beauty in the Bark of every tree and every forest.

Explore beauty of the forest with this color-study quilt based on bark. Pick your favorite tree and closely examine its surface. Choose your tree fabrics based on the colors you discover in the bark. Then choose a background scene and play with value as you look at the concept of “color-washing” in a fresh new way. Your forest’s backdrop could be the blue sky of calm summer day or a blazing sunset or a misty grey-green morning. The choice is yours. This quilt is constructed with easy piecing and forgiving methods that give dramatic effects.

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